Heritage Significance Statements

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Normal Content of Heritage Statement of Significance and Impact Assessment
– also known as Heritage Impact Assessment

Dordon Hall

  • Background to the application including purpose of works/ justification and any relevant planning history.
  • Include the evolution of the building, its location and description and its historical context, including the setting of the building or the conservation area if situated in one. Identify any key phases which define when additions or alterations have taken place.
  • Assessment of significance of overall heritage asset which can include references to previously published research. A clear summary of the significance of ‘heritage asset should be provided.  There should be at least one paragraph summarising significance even if it simply quotes from such reports. There should be a further paragraph stating the significance of the particular element affected by the proposal.
  • Identify the impacts of the planned works on the building/ monument/ conservation area by new proposals.
  • Assess the consequences of such impacts on the historic fabric, aesthetic value, special interest, character and appearance in terms of effects. These could be major, minor or no change; and they could be detrimental, no adverse effects or actually beneficial.

Under Section 12, Item 128 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the minimum requirement in the preparation of a Statement is to consult the appropriate county Historic Environment Record (HER).

However, information contained in the HER is normally sufficient to adequately explain the significance of a heritage asset whether building or scheduled ancient monument. It may be necessary for further information (either through desk-based assessment/archaeological evaluation or building survey and analysis, before the impact of the proposed work can be adequately understood.