Archaeologicial Watching Brief

Do you need an archaeological watching brief to fulfil a planning condition?

If your project is sited on or near an area of archaeological interest, you might be asked to employ an archaeological contractor to carry out a watching brief for you.

An archaeological watching brief might be attached as a condition to your planning permission because there is a known record of physical archaeological remains within the proposed site, or perhaps because there is the potential to find items or deposits of archaeological interest due to the nearby presence of archaeological remains. Perhaps your site is in or near a historic town or city, maybe you are located in a rural environment with visible earthworks on or near your land.

If you live in a listed building the local planning authority regularly attach archaeological conditions to the listed building consent, necessitating the monitoring of renovation work and associated groundworks.

We also can help you by providing a desk-based archaeological assessment for submission as part of a planig or liasted building consent application.

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